G-Force Lightning


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2 op voorraad (kan nabesteld worden)


This car is greatness from Thailand!

Lightweight, low centre of gravity and only premium materials!


It features a unique type of rear pivot design reminiscent of the Mini-Z t-plates, which makes for an easy to setup rear end and lots of grip!

Double A arms in the front with very tight tolerances to ensure minimal play,

Moveable servo mount so you don’t have to shim the servo to get the optimal position,

And a nice mounting point for the transponder.


It comes with a set of front suspension arms to change camber (0, 1, 2 degrees) and 4 “t-plates” to change rear suspension.

Electronics, differential and center shock are not included.


We offer the car in our own anodized color which shows off the amazing aluminum parts! The last two pictures show this.